Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have to say Venice has very disappointing Gelato but the chocolate is good and it comes in very handy sizes big and big and it is good.

Everything is amazingly expensive and yes I KNOW you warned me. Everything is bought in by boat and I mean everything. DHL Couriers

And Miele washing machines.

The city itself is just amazing, both Sue and I have agreed that despite the not so good gelato this is our favourite place yet. Such a beautiful city.

Our hotel is at the end of this canal, if you click on the photo you will see the name.

This is what Sue had for lunch, it was the 'special bruschetta' and cost 6.50 euro.

This is peak hour (traffic jam) Venice style.

I should also point out that despite the gelato not being so good we are indeed still eating it. I mean please as if we wouldn't.

We started the day walking across the Rialto bridge to the markets, you can see why they call it Tourist Lane, nothing but junk. Thankfully we kept walking and came across the daily fresh produce markets that are used by the locals. We did try a peach but it was just ok. (If we had been 'local' I doubt he would have sold it to us).

Even the fruit and veg are brought in by boat.

We spent hours walking around just getting to know Venice. We ended up at the Accademia, which we walked through. We also walked through at least three Churches. I lit a candle for my Dad at the first Church as he isn't feeling to well and I felt sorry for him, then I lit a candle for Virginia in the second Church because I felt sorry for her! I would have taken a photo but no camera's allowed, very rude.

Sue has gone off to a Church tonight to listen to Vivaldi, I am minding the forte and going to bed early.


  1. I hope you bought some of those tomatoes!!! they make up for the poor gelato - I told you so. I considered going to the Vivaldi concert too - in the church just down from where we were staying and where Vivaldi taught orphaned rich kids way back when. But that was our 2nd last night and I had just spent 1.5 hrs tramping at pavements trying to make my way back to the apartment - I got totally lost. After a day of exploring and then 1.5 hrs of going round in circles, lying down and resting my feet was more in order than listening to lovely music. Hope Sue enjoyed it.

  2. watch out for those vegie vendors ! Tom tried to buy a zuccini from one man who proceeded to have a tantrum in Italian because Tom had taken a zuccini himself and therefore might have made the carefully manufactured slope of zuccinis tumble down. the fact that the carefully manufactured slope did not budge - testament to the vendors' skill and precision in these matters - did not placate the vendor who absolutely refused to sell us a zuccini even after I intervened ! He turned his back on us still swearing in Italian. This infuriated Tom's father who swore back in English while waving in a friendly manner as we proceeded to the next vendor. We allowed the next vendor to choose a zuccini for us ! actually we bought 2 just to spite the first vendor. I had been warned about this in "the Book" so when I had been grocery shopping a couple of days before, I had asked the lovely lady shop keeper if I should select my own and she cheerily waved me on to do so. Who knows.

  3. Oh that is SO funny, poor Tom!! As for getting lost the worst things is being able to see your hotel across the canal but not actually being able to find a bridge to get you there.

    Lots of fun :)