Saturday, September 5, 2009


Today Stef leaves for a three month internship in New York. Stef informed me this morning that she has lost her plane ticket so will have to come up on her way to the airport to print out another one.

Compare that with this.

I have 7 folders.

One for each of the 5 towns we are visiting. Each folder contains hotel confirmation, hotel RE-confirmation, details on trains, details on the best gelato places, details on places to eat and places NOT to eat.

The sixth folder contains all our tickets.

The seventh folder has a copy of all of the above for Susan's bag in case it is needed.

Failing all that I have copy's on my iPhone.

I will not go on to mention that Stef missed her last flight out of Heathrow because she thought that 14:40 was 4:40pm and missed her flight. Or that she thought her plane left at 8:30 this morning (it's 1:50 but at least this time she wouldn't have missed her flight). Nor shall I mention at LA airport she was supposed to swipe her passport over a scanning machine, instead she forcefully shoved it into a hole in the box and security had to be called to try and get her passport OUT of the hole.

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  1. think I forgot to tell you... I missed my connecting flight from LA to New York the other day. hahahahaha.