Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Moving to Lucca

Susan and I have fallen in love with Lucca. Seriously.

We left Florence this morning in torrential rain and arrived in Lucca to the same downpour. Yet still we fell in love with this little known place. Barely any tourists, beautiful buildings, great local doughnuts. Seriously the Luccanese have a local doughnut. It has a hint of lemon in it, served piping hot. Susan said she didn't want her but I knew she would change her mind (she always does, especially when it comes to Gelato) so I bought two. I knew as soon as I had taken the first bite she wasn't getting the second one. I ate both of them. BOTH!! And they were gooooood.

I'm not sure how we did this but we managed to catch a train from Florence to Lucca, Lucca to Viaggimore another change for La Spezia and we have just arrived in Cinque Terre, The view so the train have been spectacular, from Tuscan hills to ruined castles high on mountains. Susan and I have just spent the day going OMG, actually to be hones we have spent the week going OMG.

The next two days are our rest days J Just a few k's of walking to each of the 5 towns. I have taken some photo's but I am too tired to upload them right now. Will do it later. We are exhausted but a good exhausted. My brain needs a break from castles and paintings. Thankfully my stomach doesn't need a rest from Gelato though I have yet to have one today. That will soon be rectified.

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