Saturday, September 12, 2009


We are here, despite DREADFUL directions from the hotel (and me misplacing the bus tickets) we actually made it.

We set of for the Ponte Vecchio (of course) I tried to convince Sue to buy me this

but she ever so polietly declined.

In Italy there are pedestrian crossings everywhere, every street corner, but the mean nothing - not even if it is accompanied by a walk light. Nothing. You risk your life everytime you cross a road, if a car thinks it can squeeze in front of you with milli seconds to spare, it will.

I love this man in the next photo. He clearly had a very important call, so he stopped and took it. In the middle of the road. He just stopped and the cars, well they had to squeeze around him, nobody even blinked or beeped him. When a man has to talk he has to talk.

The Duomo, it is still stunning despite the dirt! Yet another roof (I have the sorest neck from spending hours with my head heavenwards). If you click on the photo this will enlarge it (just so you know Dad).

This was taken next door, again I need Susan - I can't remember it's name but it was a church, it has been cleared of most things except the stunning roof, made of mosaics. Breathtaking.

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  1. don't forget to try the tomatoes ! cherry tomatoes are to die for. I was just in Coles and I could NOT buy any cherry tomatoes after just having had the "real deal".
    there is a mussel soup/starter which is a must too. just divine ! :<))