Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Living My Jigsaw Puzzle

Months ago when Sue suggested an Italy trip she mentioned the name of some weird Italian town and said she HAD to go there and she would email me a photo. I was in the middle of doing a huge jigsaw puzzle but went to look at the email anyway. There on the computer was the exact (and I mean) exact same photo of my jigsaw puzzle, it was a small town in Cinque terre called Veranzza (see photo above, the smaller photo was the puzzle photo (flowers were super-impossed no idea why, mine is the bigger ((and better)) photo. We saw that as a ‘sign’. This morning Sue and I went on a train to Veranzza, we got off the train walked down the tiny village and there I was standing in the middle of my jigsaw puzzle. All the buildings, the boats, the water. It was the weirdest feeling. I cannot put up more photos, we are on dial up speed here.

Breakfast this morning was interesting. Usually the hotel tries to cater for a few different eating cuisines, I’m not sure which nationality has cake for breakfast but I need to find out so I can go live there. This morning there was strawberry flan, pear flan, a sponge of some sort and a chocolate cake that looked like it was made in heaven. I kept up the tradition of my new nationality and had three pieces of cake for breakfast (along with toast and an egg). I might add that by the end of our three hour walk my pants were so loose they were falling off me.

This was supposed to be a day of rest, it was probably our most exhausting day yet! On our walk we came across a local selling cups of Lemonata (home made of course), best lemonade ever. The track was mountanous (both photo's were taken on our walk which started in one of the cafe's in the photo where we had bruschetta and espresso's (I had two). The walk became even higher than that, you can imagine our amusment when at the end of our walk we came across a young lady in her pretty white strappy sandles, her white dress and matching handbag, starting the walk in the other direction, she clearly had NO idea what was ahead (including about 3200 steps) and it was tempting to sit there and see how long before she gave up and came back. I might add that some of the walk track was incredibly narrow with a sheer cliff drop on one side. Not for the faint hearted or pretty white shoes.

Susan has gone for a swim in the ocean. I went in search of gelato.

Dad I'm sorry I haven't called will try when the internet is faster. Martin I had a pannacotta gelato (it had caramel in it) for you and Minyan I had a mango one for you. I am SO nice.

PS Click on the photo to make it bigger.

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