Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Master Plan in Sorrento

Before I tell you my master plan allow me to tell you about our day. Today was Pompeii day. The weather was looking particularly ominous so we packed the umbrella's we bought at Lucca for 4 euros each (I bargained Sues down from 5 - go me). As we arrive at Pompeii we congratulated ourselves on choosing a day that was overcast and not 40 degrees.

We had been walking for a short time when the rain started, not too bad we found shelter and hid for a while, then decided that it was only rain, continue.
I love this photo taken from the forum. It is Mount Vesuvius in the background. If you draw a triangle upwards from both tips you get what Vesuvius was like before it erupted.

Then it started to rain again, then it started to REALLY rain and I mean REALLY rain. (note the beautiful 4 euro umbrella I got for Sue. Magnificent I can find her anywhere.

We ended up jumping a barrier to seek shelter, bit naughty but I wouldn't let anybody stand on the mosaics. Truly.

The tour groups in Pompeii are a complete nightmare and you need to run when you see the, We were trying to squeeze through a tiny doorway and waited till about 50 of one group went through then another one turned up. I put my hand up and said stop and they wouldn't be able to go through until they let us through. Sometimes it's good to be bossy.

The streets had turned into a waterfall. Thankfully somebody had the sense 2000 years ago to build stepping stones across the street, they came in very handy today.

This picture is my foot in a rut that was made by the wheels on a horse and carriage 2000 years ago.

I love this next picture, it is a welcome mat that actually stands for beware of the Dog.

The most important part of the day was discovering that Sorrento has the best Gelato in the whole of Italy. Seriously. I had two scoops from one Gelateria and it was so good I ended up breaking my record and had a second cone at another shop, it was chocolate mousse and Bacci, I'm sure there will be a few of you that will be pleased to know I felt dreadfully sick after the second cone. It was worth it though. *sigh*

This is the view from our balcony, it is so beautiful (well as long as that Volcano keeps quiet).

We were meant to go to Rome tomorrow for our last night, but we loving Sorrento so much (and the Gelato and the breakfast her, OMG cake again and if you want there is French champagne, just sitting there ready to be drunk) so we are staying put. Our last full day tomorrow :(

Now onto the Master plan. Late this afternoon I was out wandering the streets of Sorrento when I happened upon an interesting shop (in Sorrento you don't find a shop you happen upon it) that sold local wine, it was also a bar/restaurant. I went in to look at the wine and a very nice 'older gentlemen' asked me if I needed some help. I asked his opinion on a bottle and we got to talking. He told me that he spent 14 years of his life in Melbourne and made his fortune there in a nightclub, I asked why he came back and the conversation went on from there, he left a great love in Australia, I told him how in love with Italy I was yadda, yadda, yadda. THEN he said to me, (imagine Italian accent here) tonight you come back and we drink wine and talk. I told him quite delightedly that would be lovely and I would bring my sister. He said (accent again) no just you. So I am sending Susan. He will fall in love with Sue, being the very rich man he is (and he is) he will set her up here in great style and I GET TO VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. that is soooo funny! I had a similar thing happen to me in Venice, except my beau was a very muscular and hansom man about my age ( whose muscles I had been admiring from afar the night before while we had dinner and he was carting boxes of grog to his cafe/ wine bar) , he had left a love in melbourne too and invited me to come to breakfast while we were there. Must be the Italian way!! Don't be too flattered :<)). How did Sue go? Bet she piked.