Wednesday, September 9, 2009


We. Are. In. Rome.

Forgive the jumble to follow.

My brain has exploded, my feet have exploded and I cannot get the internet to work. Having had many sms asking about the blog I have paid for very expensive internet just to update!!

We are having THE most amazing time. Left the hotel as soon as we got here and walked to the Trevi Fountain and then the Spanish steps. The Trevi Fountain stopped me in my tracks and it took me some time before I could actually speak.

I LOVE the Italian language and am using the 5 words I know constantly. We had our first espresso today and that was followed quickly by another.

Today we went to Ancient Rome. Susan wanted me to get off the bus early as just kept swearing, I don't mean to but.......... so she didn't want to be with me on the bus when I had my first sight. It took the words right out of my mouth again.

The Italians are the maddest drivers ever, seriously mad. The pizza is to die for. OMG it is amazing. Today I had a chocolate mousse gelato, died and gone to heaven. I love that you can buy huge lollypops with pictures of the Pope on them. I took 339 photo's today and I have one of the Pope Lollypop.

Will try and get internet up and working so it isn't costing a fortune and I can update with a tad more sense, but we wanted to say we are here alive and well, the trip across was good and we are having THE most amazing time and may never come back - seriously!!! I am in love with rome and the Rome people.

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  1. you took 339 photos in one day !! we took 226 in 10 days in Rome and in Venice combined !!!! Glad you are so in awe. I didn't find any chocolate mousse gelato, bugger !