Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Funeral and a Celebration

It's raining here in Motnerosso al Mare, not sprinkling but POURING, torrential rain. Yet still we walked. We went to visit two of the other 5 Cinque Terre towns this morning. Loads of photo's but unable to post them due to the dial up speed internet. I have to say though you would expect nothing but dial up speed here; it's that kind of town.

Yesterday after lunch the bells that often toll here went on about every 15 seconds, just one bell, it sounded so mournful, and then in the tiny cobbled streets of the town a funeral procession came walking through, first the priest with his large gold cross held high, the pallbearers with the coffin on the shoulders, the widow and her sons and then the mourners. They walked down the long street of the town and into the Church. So sad but so beautiful.

Later that night as we were walking back from dinner we noticed that there were colorful candles lining the street, on asking why we were told it was the Celebration of Their Small Church Day, or something like that. So we stopped and watched, as you do. The celebration started in the Small Church (there are two other bigger Churches in this tiny town), it was packed to the rafters with locals and a few touristy people (like me). This small church had chandeliers all down the pews. The congregation spilt out onto the streets where the procession started. A young boy carried the gold cross up high with a priest beside him, then came all the men of the town, then a beautiful cross with Jesus was carried on its side by four men and then the ladies of the town (all talking madly). Then the band and a boy singing through a megaphone, unfortunately singing wasn't his forte and this was causing much giggling by the band members.

The procession went down the main street and out of sight, I retired to bed and Sue stayed to watch it come back. The procession came back eventually and so did the band and the band played on. Right under my window. For some time. As tempted as I was to stick my head out the window and yell I refrained and put a pillow over my head.

There are many bell towers here in Monterosso, bells ring often and you never get sick of the sound. I have learnt though not to count on them for the time. They ring the bells whenever they want for as long as they want no rhyme or reason that I am able to tell though I'm sure there is one. Though probably not, it's that kind of town.

Breakfast was cake again, I tried the chocolate cake this morning (Susan MADE me).

Off to Venice tomorrow.

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