Sunday, September 6, 2009

To Rome

We are about to board. There was a few tears as we went through the gate.

And one small feline creature tried to go to Rome as well.

Remind me to tell you where Stephanie inherited her genes from. OMG!!!!!

Off to board a plane to Rome. (Susan is already in the queue waiting and freaking out).

PS we have only lost each other twice so far.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, how did the flight go ? Did you get a Man U shirt? If you had bothered to ask me I could have told you that you can get one on the grand canal in venice !!!! The tourist stall men have loads of soccer uniforms in all shades and sizes. Does she only like man U because of William?!! :<))
    Natalie very disappointed you were not in the shop this AM.
    Also should have told you to only catch a "white " cab in Rome. Always get a quote before you get in too. ( even if you have no idea how much it should be, they may think that you DO know and are less likely to rip you off). have fun, and a gelato for me :<))