Thursday, September 10, 2009


I am sitting on the Spanish Steps writing this. Susan has gone to the Villa Borgese and I am walking the streets of Rome. It is still incredibly hard to believe I am here even sitting amongst hundreds of people all speaking a different language.

I now have internet so there will be more updates. Also more photo's. At the Vatican yesterday we came across a piece of art (sue not here so can't remember it's name) but it is the torso that inspired Michelangelo. We were just standing there looking at it when two men walked past, one stood in front of it while the other took a photo, then they changed places and the other got his photo taken. They did not stop to actually look at this incredible piece; they got a photo with it though!! We are still laughing over that.

Rome is incredible. I just love it SO much and I would move here in a flash given the chance. The clothes are to die for and even converting are a reasonable price. You can see why so many Roman women look so elegant, the clothes are all here.

Rome is not in drought. Water flows freely everywhere, every time I see a mini water fountain (where if you like the taste you can fill your water bottle) I cringe at all the wasted water.

We went for dinner last night in a small local restaurant and had pasta and wine (as you do). It was cooked to perfection and I will never be able to eat Australian bacon again without thinking of the superb bacon in my pasta. The wine (Italian of course) was beautiful and the glass was VERY full. Susan has forbidden me to tell you she had a slight stumble on the way home J

Today is our last in Rome, we are off to Florence tomorrow.

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