Sunday, September 20, 2009

Exporing Venice...and beyond

We've just done the .......and beyond part. We decided late this afternoon to do a tour of the Grand Canal, it took a LOT longer than we expected and when the vaporetto started heading out to sea we became extremely concerned. I told Susan as the older sister she needed to go and ask them where it was exactly that we were going but she was too chicken. Thankfully we ended up at San Marco 1 1/2 hours later where we got off as quickly as we could.

Our day started at the Doge's Palace. Ever since I first saw that word in my mind it read as Doggy and doggy it has stayed, even sue calls it doggy. The hardest thing has been to make sure I don't say doggy out loud. Anyway the Dogge palace was brilliant. We would have loved to go to the Basillica but the line was miles long (all standing on planks as the water had flooded the square).

I went to the Frari Church instead and Sue went shopping. We still tried the Gelato in the ever hopeful off chance it would be as good as Rome. No luck.

Venice by sunset.

An Orchestra made of Murano Glass.

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  1. you will never live Doggy down !!!!! Nor will Sue !! How wonderful to see St Marks under water. But a bit difficult to get around I guess. If you are still there and have time, go to Murano on that Vaporetto. You would LOVE Burano too. That is 1hr on the Vaporetto.
    When you home?