Saturday, September 12, 2009

To the Uffizi and Beyond.

We left the hotel at 8:30am and arrived back just after 6pm. Most of that time was spent walking, alot of that walking was done because we were lost, but Florence is the place to get lost. It's just a shame it was all up hill, a steep hill.

Susan was most understanding when she was sacked from being the Map Reader and demoted to Map Holder. I might add in case you think I am being nasty she got us lost 60 seconds into our walk when she missed the turn off and we had been walking for 15 minutes before she realised.

I digress. Our day started at the Uffizi Gallery, because of my research we had pre-booked tickets and skipped the very long line, we walked straight in. The Uffizi was just so different to anything we have seen so far. I thought this is where Susan would spend hours and I would end up elsewhere. Not so, I was just as caught up in it as Sue. We had a podcast which helped enormously by going into such interesting details about the works of art. Truly brilliant. No photo's allowed.

Sue then went to the Medici and I went onto the Accademia to see David. Beside David are some of Micaelangelo's unfinished works, David is so incredibly amazing but you apreciate it even more when you look at the detail in the unfinished works.

By the time we met up we needed to get air into our heads. I had already had a crema/banana gelato but was forced into another when we came across a man who made his own ice blocks out of fresh fruit. I had a Guava one (to die for).

We then went on our long (and I mean LONG) walk.

This is the point where we had been lost for some time, and were trying to take a short cut back to where we were supposed to be. The map did not indicate how steep this hill was. Probably a good thing.

It went on.......... and on............

Then we came across this

and this

Until we finally stumbled (literally) upon the Church we had originally set out to see.

St Miniato's church, where we sat at listened to Monks singing Vespers. As you do. When you are in Forence.

The view was amazing and the monks singing Vespers made the three hour journey more than worth it.

We then walked to Michaelangelo's steps where again the view was breathtaking. It took us ten minutes to walk home. The correct way. Susan has collapsed and taken to her bed. I have allowed her 1.5 hours to recupperate, we are then going to have sit outside and have dinner.

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